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Yo Yo Honey Singh is not a drug addict, so does not need rehab says wife Shalini

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Recently, a person who calls himself by the name of ‘Yo‘ made news when he alleged that Yo Yo Honey Singh was a drug addict and thus, he was in a rehab in Chandigarh.



Honey Singh‘s wife Shalini Talwar, who has been with Yo Yo all along during this period, said,

These are baseless stories. Honey is genuinely not well and is in recovery mode. He has never been a drug addict. He is yet not fit enough to defend himself. This man who calls himself ‘Yo’, whose real name is Sachin Pathak, has worked with Honey for the Marathi lyrics for the song Aata Majhi Satakli and has met Honey for that once or twice. He has not met Honey after that. He neither knows Honey nor is a part of the group. Such baseless stories hurt him and us, as his family.

Honey and I last went to Chandigarh in August for a religious visit. Post the Slam tour, he has all throughout been in Noida recovering. Why would he be in a rehab when he has never been a drug addict? His mother does a lot of charity and thus, we make him go out with her. I can only humbly request the media that till he does not fully recover and is in a position to defend himself, please do not publish such false stories. We are planning to go for a holiday but that can also only happen when he gets a clearance from his doctor.

Knowing how loved Yo Yo Honey Singh is by so many in the world, it comes as no surprise that he is hated by a few like Sachin Pathak. We eagerly await Honey‘s return into our musical world.

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