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Vocalist Parvinder Sandhar’s first interview

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The “Tallian” singer talks to us about getting signed to Ravi Bal Productions and his career so far!


Introduce yourself…

I’m Parvinder Singh Sandhar; I’m a singer signed exclusively to Ravi Bal Productions.  I love to sing and entertain people, I always have since I was a young kid— in fact some say I’m still a kid! Probably because I like to have fun and enjoy life. I am originally from Jalandhar where I was born & raised but moved to Italy some years back and live here permanently with my family. Currently I’m an apprentice with the Mafia here! No, I’m just kidding…

“Tallian” has given you a hit single with your very first release; how does it feel? And tell us what we can expect with your next releases?

It has been tremendous, I’m really happy about it. Receiving so much love for what is my first ever song release is a real blessing. I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported me and helped make it a success. A debut single was always going to be a worry for me but now I cannot wait to get the next tracks and album out; they’re ready to go.  After we return from a promotional trip and video shoot in India, we’ll announce the next release; but I can tell you it’s going to be something different to “Tallian”, that’s for sure!

How did the working relationship with Ravi Bal come about?

I met Ravi Bal paaji many years ago in Jalandhar. Paaji was at a major record label’s office there at the time and some auditions were taking place with various singers. I wasn’t actually there to audition but just happened to be there with a close friend at the time this was happening. Ravi paaji then started to chat to me and asked if I was a singer. I said I wasn’t but he made me sing. When he heard my voice, the other auditions were over! I’ve been under his guidance ever since and he is now like my big brother. Stories about how we recorded some of the songs for the album I will have to reveal next time…


If you could collaborate with another singer, who would it be?

There are so many to choose from it would be very difficult to single out just one. What I can say is in the very near future I do have a number of huge collaborations taking place, so there will be some big bhangra tracks to come for sure.

You live in Italy— is there a Punjabi music scene there? How do you keep up to date with the music you love?

There is sadly no bhangra scene here whatsoever. I follow most of the bhangra on TV and online these days. I tend to follow the India scene a lot more as that’s where my heart is and where my roots are. I fly to the UK often so I always get a regular update as to what’s going on there too. The UK has been really good to me so far and I’ve had a lot of support so excited to get out there more often with the upcoming releases.

What’s your favourite album of all time?

Interestingly it’s an album called Tu Hoor Sohniye by Balwinder Safri (with music by Ravi Bal). I was crazy about this album and the title track was a huge hit in Punjab at the time; it’s still one of my favourites today. It was a hit with the ladies at school in those days but that’s a different story! I did not even know paaji at that time, only the name, and now we are working together; it’s amazing when you think of it.   

Many thanks to and all who have supported me so far on my new musical journey. Lots more music is on its way… 
Dhanvaad. Rab Rakha
Parvinder Sandhar

Tallian is out now on Moviebox. Find out where to buy it here

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