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French group apply a desi touch

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Producers, composers, players of instruments duo from Strasbourg, France: Harry Veynand and Xavier Veynand, have applied a Desi Tabla infused remix to Blondfire‘s “Where The Kids Are“.


Delivering ever bold, ever singular music between tradition and modernity, organic and electronic, Tune In Crew is riding the wave of today’s hottest trends through their popular Remixes and original tracks.

Bringing a different, out of the box and game changing approach into the very concept of Pop music and beyond, in a surprising wide variety.

We felt that this song, talking about childhood with a great sense of innocence and carried by the singer’s soft voice, could be taken even closer to a sort of “comptine” (yeah not sure of the english word for it so we keep it french B-) figure it out!)
While still keeping a certain Pop Rock edge through the guitar melodies, we built a sweet, warm and exotic atmosphere to fit this vision.

Listen to the original on Blondfire‘s Soundcloud.

It is great to see Desi influences featuring in music worldwide.

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