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#ThrowbackTuesday – DCS Bothle Sharab Diye

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This afternoon after having a conversation with Shin of DCS regarding his upcoming single “Just Chillin“, which will be a free download, as thanks to DCS fans, for all the years of support, I got thinking about DCS songs over the years.

Back at the start of 2007, I remember eagerly waiting for the release of the album Desi Culture Shock, by DCS. A 2 CD, 21 track (including intro and couple of funny skits) album. Bothle Sharab Diye is one of many songs that come to mind, and is actually one of their most recent. Amazing that it is over 6 years old!

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Release Date: 1st January 2007

iTunes UK: DCS – Desi Culture Shock
iTunes USA: DCS – Desi Culture Shock
iTunes Canada: DCS – Desi Culture Shock
iTunes India: DCS – Desi Culture Shock
iTunes Australia: DCS – Desi Culture Shock





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