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Throwback Track: PCUK & Bhinda Aujla Rab Di Sau & Tappe

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Back in 2005, Bhinda Aujla teamed up with a group known as PCUK. Their combined efforts resulted in PCUK‘s debut album “Des I“, which released on 4 Play Recordings. Since the album release PCUK have not returned with another album, but Bhinda Aujla has continued to work on singles and albums. His most recent being “The Producers” with Ravi Bal.


Two songs from “Des I” stood out for me, and randomly appear in my playlists, “Tappe” and “Rab Di Sau“. Both are catchy tunes. I would not say they are Bhinda Aujla‘s best work, but at the time they were quite fresh.

Bhinda Aujla is currently working on a new album titled “Thunder” which is set to feature multiple artists.

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