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Throwback Track – Panjabi MC – Jogi

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Song: Jogi
Album: The Album (2003)
Artist: Panjabi MC
Vocals: Mohd. Siddiq & Ranjit Kaur 
Label: Dharma Records

CD single cover

Picture the scene: it’s 1am and you’ve just walked into a packed nightclub, the DJ has just dropped “Jogi”, Panjabi MC’s current chart stormer. It’s the official follow-up to his global hit “Mundian De Bach Ke” and the crowd goes mental. But wait- this is not Birmingham, it’s not even London– this is Berlin, the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. Such was the impact Punjabi music was having on dancefloors the world over in 2003.

While many prefer the original “Stoned & Live” version that appeared on 100% Proof on Nachural Records in the mid-90s, it was this reworked version that took the track into charts across Europe. Credit should be given where it’s due; Berlin producer Sleepwalker along with German dance music label Superstar Recordings took a classic PMC track and re-packaged it for the non-Desi masses. The track just missed the UK Top 20 (despite being released along with the “Beware of the Boys” Jay-Z remix) but gave PMC a second major hit on the continent, ensuring he would never be tagged as a one-hit wonder there in the process.

Shouts like “rewind selecta” may have been consigned to the musical annals of time but the vocals of prolific duo Mohd. Siddiq & Ranjit Kaur are and will remain timeless. Nearly 10 years on from its commercial UK single release, this track is still guaranteed to devastate any dancefloor it’s played on. Ladies and gentleman put your hands together for Panjabi MC’s “Jogi”.


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