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Throwback Track Indy Sagu – Aja Sonneiye

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Think back to 2002. The garage vibe was rife in bhangra, and it was a time the industry was experiencing a real boom. Along came Indy Sagu with the backing of Untouchables UK. Indy Sagu brought together the vocals of Gubi Sandhu and GI Jatt on what was to become an iconic garage-bhangra track of its time, Aja Sonneiye.

The foundation of my debut was built from this track. The response to it was amazing. I still love UK Garage today, and it inspires me to create new music, even if the garage-bhangra era has passed. I will always love this track as it literally was my debut song.

The 11 track album aptly named “The debut” album was nominated Best Album at UK AMA’s 2003 and made Indy Sagu winner of BBC Radio 1 Best Newcomer 2003 award.


Indy Sagu followed up his debut with “Indystructable” in 2004 “Reincarnated” in 2008, and “Indy Nation” in 2010.  Now after almost 3 years he is set to release the single “Duniya” as a free download on the 5th of March 2013, and this will be followed up with an as yet unnamed album, which is still in the works. Suggestions are being taken for names for this new album, so please comment below with your ideas.


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