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Throwback Track – Baljit Malwa – Chabi

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Song: Chabi
Album: Maujan (2008)
Artist: Baljit Malwa
Guest vocals: Pushpinder Komal
Music: Jassi Bros.
Label: Goyal Music


Somewhere amongst those endless songs that get hyped up, released, then peak and vanish in the space of three weeks lie sleeping giants. These tracks have a slow burn, building over time before seemingly taking over. “Chabi was 2009’s big sleeper hit that seemed to take ages before it exploded into the biggest wedding track of the summer. Originally released in India in late 2008 through the Goyal Music label, it took a few months for the track to make it into the UK’s consciousness. Unusually, it also managed it without its album, Maujan, even securing a full UK label release.

While the playful lyrics and alcohol references irked some, if you happened to be at a wedding in the summer of 2009, this was undoubtedly the biggest crowdpleaser of the night.

Produced by the underrated Jassi Bros, who also produced the entire album it’s lifted from, Jelly Manjitpuri’s inimitable writing skills (and rumoured voiceover to this song’s spoken intro) combined with Baljit Malwa’s at times Bindrakhia-esque vocal delivery delivered an all rounded album with “Chabi” itself becoming a hit of epic proportions that, despite a number of successful follow-ups, remains to date his biggest release.

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