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This Week In Bhangra – Zeus puts 5 songs into charts and Saini Surinder sings his way to the top

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Dr Zeus has been making moves on the music scene both in the UK and India in the past weeks. Working with newcomer Sukhi Sivia, Sarkara climbed 36 places in the The Official Asian Download Chart (14th September: compiled by The Official Charts Company) to number 3, which is a big achievement for debutant Sukhi Sivia and new record label Merci Records.

To add to this achievement Zeus’s work with another newcomer Aman Sarang, remained in the chart for a 2nd week, down 1 place at 11 in The Official Download Chart with Sahaan. E3UK have done well in finding and developing Aman Sarang, and this is one singer who could go far if supported properly. Aman is under the wing of Dr Zeus, who have come together for a 2nd time after Aman’s first track on the OST for Daddy Cool Munde Fool.

E3UK also brought together the lethal combination of Saini Surinder and Dr Zeus for the hit track Rendeh, which re-entered the charts this week at 30, following release back in April! I believe Rendeh saw an increase in legal downloads, due to Zeus’s influence on the charts this week.

Having been in the charts for 4 weeks, Kangna by Shide Boss and Dr Zeus is starting to fade, probably due to some of the other Zeus releases, and is down 9 places. Moviebox have done well with this release. Shide Boss is another newcomer who could do well, if supported correctly.

A new entry at number 35 in the charts is Hello Hello by Gippy Grewal and Dr Zeus, which brings Zeus’s total in the charts to 5 for the week. Having released on the 9th of September 2013, I expect this song to rise in the charts next week, and anticipate it being a top 5 hit, probably number 1.

To have 5 songs in the The Official Asian Download Charts is some achievement, especially when it is with 5 different singers, and 4 differently labels. Dr Zeus seems to be the current goto producer for chart success. I just hope the market is not flooded any more with combinations of Dr Zeus, Shortie and other singers. It is nice to have some diversity.

Now we go back to Saini Surinder who is still a relative newcomer, but has already sung some excellent tracks. Rendeh will be a popular song for sometime, and having heard Saini sing it live last night, I can definitely say he is a singer who will be around for sometime.

Saini has jumped in straight to number 1 with Preet Kaureh along side USR and G-Money. This track jumped to number one on iTunes World Charts almost immediately upon its release on 5th September 2013, and has been doing well ever since, so it is no surprise to see it at number 1 on The Official Asian Download Chart.

When asked about topping the chart with Preet Kaureh, and also about Rendeh‘s re-entry Saini said:

It is always good to see my work being appreciated. I am enjoying singing, and to see people dancing to my songs is an amazing feeling. All my fans can look forward to my debut album, releasing soon along side Gupsy Aujla.

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