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The three songs stuck in my head – Hanisha Sethi

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1. Kanika Kapoor feat. Ravindra Upadhyay, Miraya Varma and FatehLovely (from the film Happy New Year)

I imagine life as a bar dancer to be exhausting, disconcerting and occasionally stressful. However, Deepika Padukone’s introduction as Mohini in Happy New Year is nothing but glamorous and dazzling. It’s said that Deepika trained hard to perfect her dancing – exemplary comments for her aerial performances. Although the overall soundtrack of the film has received well-deserved praise, it’s the seductive Arabic music synonymous with the sparkly outfits and dancing in the film that’s raised the profile of the song. Well, it’s certainly helped reach 1 million YouTube views within just 10 hours of release! The brains behind the production? Dr Zeus- who blends the Arabic vocals flawlessly with Punjabi dhol beats. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the producer who rose to fame back in 2003 with the hit, Kangna. Time to practise that belly dancing hip-action, girls!

2. Arijit Singh – Sawan Aaya Hai (from the film Creature 3D)

Although Creature 3D is a horror film, the track Sawan Aaya Hai is very pleasing to the ear. It’s beautifully written by Tony Kakkar, and intertwines welcoming the monsoon season with meeting a true love. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or not, its gentle tones, simple sitar riffs, and soft drum beats make it a catchy number. Because of this, its been compared to the 90’s Nadeem-Shravan decade. The popular music director duo kept music minimal by having only a few main instruments in their songs, and Sawan Aaya Hai replicates this simplicity.

3. Jasmine Sandlas & Yo Yo Honey Singh – Yaar Naa Miley (from the film Kick)

Yo Yo Honey Singh is in popular demand in the Bollywood music industry. Everyone wants a piece of the artist to make their film soundtracks the next biggest hit. It’s no surprise that Yo Yo was asked to compose Yaar Naa Miley for Salman Khan’s hit film, but no one expected him to replicate Flo Rida’s chart topping song. Unfortunately, there’s an uncanny resemblance between the opening sequence of Yaar Naa Miley and Flo Rida’s Low. Could it be argued that Yo Yo is running out of originality? Either way, I believe the feisty vocals from Jasmine Sandlas have turned it into a unique, hard-hitting, brilliant dance track for a club night.

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