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The BritAsia TV Music Awards 2012 Nominations – A Few Choice Words

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Chakdey.Com have a few choice words in our verdict on the BritAsia TV Music Awards 2012 nominations that were revealed on the 23rd of August. We have never held back and we aren’t about to! If you can’t handle the honesty please look away now, if you can read on to see what we thought!


So we’ve just been throught a quick breakdown of The BritAsia TV Music Awards 2012 Nominations. Firstly a phrase that you need to keep in mind “Real Recognise Real” courtesy of MadTatterFilms. We’d like to point out these nominations are all down to the publicwe have only ourselves to blame! Everyone agrees that awards are all about mass popular perception, so the chances are music of an eclectic taste is highly unlikely to appear.

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Every year we will get artists plastering our walls and spamming our social feeds with pre-nomination craziness, post nominations frenzy and of course the all important “Award winning…” to coincide with their newly acclaimed title. We have no issue with music awards as long as they are transparent and not rigged, which is why we have publically encouraged voting on both the BritAsia TV and The Lebara UKAMA’s Awards. What does wind us up though are artists that shove the voting process down your throat and terrorise you into placing a nomination under their name. The whole aspect of an award is to allow an individual to make a personal choice without it being influenced by anyone. Also as these are the BRIT ASIA awards, the candidates should in most instances focus on UK acts who are born and bred here.

The best structure in our opinion would be to have an awards ceremony similar to sports awards such as PFA Awards (Professional Footballers Association) where by the sporting atheletes vote in different categories such as Goalkeeper of the Year, Young player of the year etc. The key to this, its the people within the industry that are voting, in our case it would be the media, websites, blogs, artists and record labels. The catch? You cant vote yourself, anyone on your own label or who you have worked with. Anyway onto the n0minations and what we made of them:


Best Newcomer: One of the more easier categories this year with D-Sarb, Jay Status, Shide Boss and Banger all have shown out with their releases. However, does Kanika Kapoor deserve the newcomers spot on one single which was unoriginal as a remake of a very recently released track in ‘Jugni Ji’? What about the glaring omission of Manni Sandhu, not only did he break barriers with his debut album My Time but BrownBoi Music itself deserves an award for its promotion too! How many of the nominated artists have albums under their belt?

Best International Act: This category is pretty obvious in the fact if you have toured the UK and featured on a million adverts on various UK Media, you will make the list. Amrinder Gill is the obvious choice for a winner here, his album Judaa was no doubt one of the best albums of the year! I havent seen anyone from either Coke Studio Pakistan or India ever mentioned in this category, possibly because they dont have ego’s in tow!

Best Band: If anyone can tell me who The Elements are i will give them a BritAsia Award for musical knowledge! The Entourage, Jazzy B and En Karma will always be obvious choices in this category as they are international acts with involvement from the best musicians in the industry. The Truth and Mehi however have an amazing live band with a completely different musical sound personally they deserve this award on uniqueness alone.

Best Songwriter: Categories like these are tedious, purely because lyricists are not appreciated in the UK Asian music scene. All those mentioned here deserve credit for their writing, however we think each award should go to someone new that hasn’t received anything previously. Therefore Bilal Saeed for 12 Saal and his work with Amrinder Gill’s Judaa is the stand out candidate!

Best Video: You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to know a good video from a bad. This category really made us cringe and pissed us off! Someone tell us how Tigerstyle’s ‘Ik Banere’ music video produced by MadTatterFilms and featuring Inkquisitive did not feature in the nominees? really? no really? How is Jalebi by the Soundpipe a groundbreaking video? Jawani 2 just had loads of money thrown at it. Hukam and Gabru Rangeelah deserve the nominations as they were creative and reflected what the tracks were about.

Best Male: This is always a tough category, i wouldnt want to be the person making the final decision! The fact that Garry Sandhu & Jazzy B have won previously and have been nominated many times this year, it would be nice to see a different face win it.

Best Urban Act: Tough category, heres how we can make it simple: Roach Killa = repetitive, Shizzio = In his own words he has been away from the game making a movie all year. That leaves 3 artists we wouldnt be able to split!

Best Female: We always cringe at the nominations for best female. If these women are the best we have to show in UK Asian Music, we should be ashamed of ourselves. Compare the talent we have in India and Pakistan etc, it is truly embarassing. On another note, when will we see a female music producer appear on the scene?

Best NonAsian Music Producer: This is the category everyone reads and say’s “who?” The same nominations every year though? please give these artists more respect!

Best Club DJ: We’ve seen way too much of DJ H and Jags Klimax in this category. DJ Kayper was gifted it last time. The biggest surprise? DJ Sarj didnt get nominated after the amount of work he put in on his sets, media appearances, mixtapes etc and the industry people that got behind him with genuine support. Someone who wholeheartedly deserves to be on that list is AJD, who has proven to be one of the strongest DJ’s on the circuit.

Best Single: This is a tough category when you get 4/5 singles releasing every week. Some people won’t be happy with this category, thats exactly how we feel. Katal Kare wasn’t even Jay Status‘ best single, why was Chugliyan not in this category? Kanika Kapoor’s Jugni Ji is a remix, why did no one vote for Arif Lohar and Coke Studio a couple of years ago? Ik Gal is a remake, can anyone seriously sit there and tell us a remake is the best track of 2012? Has Has was innovative, Surinder Rattan and Metz n Trix deserve the nomination, they have continued making music they feel works and the hype around ‘OMG‘ shows they are doing it right. Honey Singh’s Gabru was a straight up anthem, it had the winning ingredients and if they dont get their hands on the award, we for one will be shocked!

Best Album: 2 Things – Judaa and Me Myself & Music. One of them should have been given the award the day it was released, the other shouldnt have left the studio. Go figure!

Best Asian Music Producer: This category needed a breath of fresh air, we can safely say all those nominated deserve it. Possibly the best category, not sure about Sukshinder Shinda as he hasnt really broken his own high standards. We are very pleased for Kaos Productions, one of the least recognised producers finally get the credit they deserve. The obvious winner though will surely be Dr. Zeus, the work he has put in this year and the stuff he has released is just incredible!

Best Dressed Act: also known as the booby prize. Imagine if everyone nominated Satinder Sartaaj and he won it? *Hint*

If people remember your music 10 years down the line whether its a hit single that turns into an anthem or a long span of album releases, this is much more rewarding than short term fame. Make music for individuals, not the masses – you wont be rewarded for your hardwork with an award, but you will have satisfied your creative mind!

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