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Tej Hundal & Ravi Bal’s Deewana – single review

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banner reviews the latest single from powerhouse vocalist Tej Hundal and legendary producer Ravi Bal!

For all those bemoaning the repetitiveness of modern bhangra, look no further than “Deewana”. Tej Hundal’s vocal is, yet again, near perfect while the restrained energy of the track is reminiscent of Ravi Bal’s recent work on Surjit Khan’s excellent Headliner 2 album- with oddly complementary musical elements, vocal snippets (some familiar to regular RBP followers) and sound effects perfectly interwoven that cleverly build the energy without resorting to formulaic clichés or the need to turn the track into an all out banger.


It’s almost easy to forget how many classic tracks Ravi Bal has turned out in his long career and it’s good to see that there is no dearth of fresh ideas on this release. Although Hundal’s vocals have made sporadic appearances in the past (courtesy of Tarli Digital, The Hits Factory etc.), and with only one full artist album under his belt so far, he is still fresh enough to be considered one of the ‘new’ crop of vocalists. It can only be a matter of time before he hits the jackpot with one of his tracks because his vocal abilities easily dwarf many of his contemporaries. While “Deewana” is certainly good enough, possibly ranking only third to “Naseebo” and “Punjabian Da Raaj” respectively; it’s evident the best is still yet to come from this singer. Until then, this single release is a perfect reminder that fresh and exciting new music, with or without the big promotional engine behind it, is still being made today.

We give the single 4 out of 5 stars.

“Deewana” is out globally on 26th September. Click here for details on where to buy.

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