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Tej Hundal gets our 7 question onslaught

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On a hotline from Geneva, singer Tej Hundal answers some questions for readers!


1. Introduce yourself…

I’m Tej Hundal– with Tej being short for Tejtarn; I was born in Shaffipur village, Tarn Taran in Punjab. I moved to Switzerland for my higher studies and eventually completed my university degree before joining the European headquarters of a multi-national organisation here. I released by debut album Punjabian Da Raaj last year and I’m currently signed exclusively to Ravi Bal Productions. My passion is of course singing! It’s my great ambition to be a successful singer…

 2. Why did you get into making music?

My vocal talent was discovered at school after winning various 1st prizes in competitions and also a gold medal in folk singing at the inter-college competitions. The rest, as they say, is history.

3.  How  would you describe your new single, “Deewana”?

Deewana” is a track with a romantic theme incorporating both Punjabi and reggae elements, but of course with Ravi Bal’s added musical signature. The song was written by Simran Panjwar and lyrically is a real favourite of mine, I was hooked on the song as soon as I first heard it.

4. Which singers have influenced you in the past?

I  am very much influenced by Kuldip Manak & Amar Singh Chamkila. They were  capable of singing at a very high pitch while staying 100% in sur / taal – which is amazing. That showed their great talent and it’s easy to see why they became such great icons of Punjabi music.

 5. What are you listening to these days? And what’s your favourite track of all time?

A bit cheeky I know but I must say my own track, “Deewana”– I am just really happy with how it turned out. It’s a strong song and also complements my voice perfectly. A favourite of mine is “Sohniye Yaadan” by two great vocalists, Kailash Kher & Shazia Manzoor; this song is just incredible. In terms of my favourite of all the tracks I’ve worked on with Ravi Bal paji, I’d have to say “Nakhre”.

6. We’ve seen  a lot of complimentary things written about your voice – would you like to comment on that?

From feedback I’d had, I’m told I have a unique tone of voice. My aim is to be a respected singer and find success with my fans; not merely become some kind of media star. I can easily adapt to various musical styles, this will become much more apparent with my future releases. As Ustaad ji Ravi Bal always says to me: “It is not what you do, it is the way you do it

7. What’s next for Tej Hundal the artist then?

My second Album is already in progress, as well as a feature on Ravi Bal’s own The United States of Bhangra. There’s also an exciting upcoming collaboration in the works but that’s all I’m saying right now!

“Deewana” is out now. Click here for details on where to buy.


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