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Take 5 with singer Jeet Hakam from down under!

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Hey G Ho G, tracks down that man they call Jeet Hakam for a 5-minute chat!


1. Introduce yourself…

Hey guyz, this is Jeet Hakam (aka Harjit S. Cheema), I’m a singer/songwriter from Australia. As a frequent visitor of (of course!), I’m super excited that this time I’ll be able to read my own interview here for a change!

2. Why did you get into making music?

I was born in a family of singers so I would say “music chose me” instead of me choosing music; and just between you and me, that’s the only thing I’m good at! Recently someone asked me what would I be if I wasn’t a singer– my answer was “I seriously have no idea because I have never had a plan B. In fact, I didn’t want a plan B as it would just distract me from plan A , which was to become a singer”…

3. What’s your favourite track right now?

I can’t get enough of “Made to Love” by John Legend. He’s so expressive in his vocals and I’m a big fan.

4. Who would be your ultimate choice for a musical collaboration?

Like many, I would love the opportunity to collaborate with A. R. Rahman. He’s the master at bringing together sounds from East and West and creating something magical.

5. Since it’s your first interview with us, any personal message for any fans who will be reading this?

I love you guyz, your love inspires me to do what I do and give you the best”. Is that any good?

The single “Hey G Ho G” featuring Ikka and, with music by Sahil Hoogan it out now, buy it here.

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