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Take 5 with Nav Sidhu

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Nav Sidhu joins us with a quick take 5 …. a buzz fire interview to give us the lowdown about himself and his musical mindset!


Introducing – Nav Sidhu


1. Introduce yourself…

I am Nav Sidhu, currently studying for my Masters in English, whilst also working on music projects with some big and quality producers. I love music..

2. Why did you get into making music?

It was not planned, but with the grace of Waheguru and my father Mr Nirmal Sidhu who is already a legend in industry..

3. What do you think makes you different?

The idea of making different music instead being bound to one style. I am trying to make myself different with my versatility of singing anything..

4. What’s your favourite track right now?

My favourite track right now is “KINNA SOHNA” From my dad’s (Nirmal Sidhu) latest album “THE BHANGRA STAR” out on VIP Records.

5. What’s your current/upcoming release?

My Debut Album “BORN TO SHINE” music by Tigerstyle..out 28th Feb.

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