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Sunrise Radio has gone off-air on digital radio in London!

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Sunrise Radio has gone off-air on digital radio in London as the station’s troubles continue. Sunrise Radio, which is on the London 1 multiplex and broadcasts to the Greater London region on DAB, is currently displaying a ‘station off air’ message.


The news comes as no surprise, as the cash strapped station funds funds to pay off its £400k debt to HMRC and other creditors. On Monday, a London court gave the station 42 days to clear the outstanding balance with HMRC or force being taken off air.

Broadcasting on DAB, is a requirement by Ofcom for an analogue station to migrate listeners to digital radio.
It is not sure, if and when Sunrise Radio will return on digital. Recently, it had ceased broadcasting on digital TV, as well digital radio in West Midlands and Scotland.

[Source: Media247]
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