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Sunrise Radio given 42 days to settle £400,000 debt

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Sunrise Radio has been given 42 days by the Royal Court of Justice to settle HMRC’s payment of over £400,000.


Chairman Avtar Lit, did not attend the hearing, which lasted just 2 minutes. He was represented by his barrister. Lit has until Monday 14th October to fork out the outstanding payment. If he fails to submit the outstanding money before the date give, the court will force the stations off air including Sunrise Radio, Kismat Radio and Buzz Radio.

Last week, it emerged that HMRC had filed a “wind-up” petition against Sunrise Radio for money the radio giant owed. According to reports, the station owes over £400,000 to HMRC. sincerely hopes this can be resolved, and all the stations remain on air, as they have a significant amount of listeners, and are an integral part of Asian music promotion in the UK.

[Source: Media247]
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