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Sun E Dodecahedron is possessed about Asi Panjabi

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Representing ether or the so-called fifth element, The Dodecahedron has for centuries been regarded as the key to the universe, a perfect example of the golden number making it the most perfect geometrical shape of all. For centuries Plato, Aristotle and the greats acknowledged the 12-sided sphere as a model of perfection representing, infinity and completion.


Although “Asi Panjabi” is his premiere foray into the world as a solo artist, Sun E Dodecahedron is seasoned performer who’s skills have been called upon to add a new dimension to over 40 hit songs for Aman Hayer, Babbu Maan, Malkit Singh, K.S Makhan, J.K.D, Javed Bashir, Navraj Hans and Kam Frantic. Preparing for the release of a full album titled “Possessed“’ in two months time, Sun E is launching with an all-encompassing assault visually, aurally and musically.

The new single “Asi Panjabi” although homage to traditional straight down the line bhangra lyrically, is a softer opening to the sound of the rest of the album. Featuring experimental nuances of trap music, complextro, glitchy house vibes and sweeping bass lines, Sun E D’s sound is like no other.

The single “Asi Panjabi” features the vocals of Jaswinder Daghamia along with a cameo by Kam Bhamra and a visually astounding video – powerful, controversial and in your face…a true reflection of Sun E D’s imaginaries of madness.

Currently a assistant creative producer at the Grange Studio’s, Birmingham, under the tuition of celebrated producer Angus Campbell, Sun E is an accomplished composer, producer and flautist as well as a writer.

His vision for the album is one that marries experimental soundscapes presented for a mass audience on a commercial platform. Having a penchant for electronic music, Sun E has also a love of classical ancient instruments and is preparing to utilise sounds he has collected and instruments he has learnt over the years to present to audiences.

He will be releasing a second single as part of the campaign for the album “Sun E Dodecahedron’s Possessed“. Join the madness.

Asi Panjabi” by Sun E Dodecahedron is available to buy from iTunes on the 23rd May 2013.

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