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Sukh-e aka Muzical Doctorz exclusive interview

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We bring you the first ever UK interview with Punjab’s on fire producer Muzical Doctorz!


Introduce yourself…

This is Sukh-e but my real name is Sukhdeep Singh and I head up Muzical Doctorz. I’m originally from a small town called Garhshankar in Punjab. I’ve always had a big interest in music since I was young. I went to Chandigarh for my higher studies and along with my graduation I started leaning music production. I started out remixing old songs which gave me a good hand in the software out there. My parents thankfully supported me and helped me set up my own studio afterwhich I worked with a lot of underground artists. Some of these tracks became popular with the young crowd, maybe because I had a different taste in music and through this Muzical Doctorz was born.


You signed A-Kay, one of the hottest new singers coming out of Punjab— tell us a bit about your work with him?


A-Kay is my young brother so we never had a typical producer / artist kind of relationship between us. I always loved his voice and style; so we started working on him as an artist and step-by-step we did it—he has now become a youth idol in Punjab. He is also a brand ambassador for Muzical Doctorz and we’re also planning to drop some new singles with other producers too.


You produced both “The Lost Life” & “Munda iPhone Warga” which have since gone on to become big hits in India; did you expect this kind of success from the songs?


We had a big hope that these songs would help A-Kay and us get an average fan following but we absolutely never expected that these releases would change our life so much. I really think most of the credit goes to A-Kay who sung the song and performed it in his unique style. This just clicked with the young crowd in Punjab and helped take us to another level… but of course many others were involved in the success of the tracks including Rahul Dutta, who worked on the video, Mohit Midha, Puneet Bedi (Frame Singh) and of course huge thanks to Panj-aab Productions (Harwinder Sidhu) for releasing those songs for us.


You fuse rap and hip hop beats with traditional Punjabi vocals and have been championing Bling Singh on your releases; do you think rap and Punjabi music go together?


That was what we set out to try and yes it worked. Our rapper Bling Singh is our nuclear bomb! He is very young but I salute this guy because of the rhymes he writes and the flow he’s got going. He is really an important part of the team and I think people really appreciated his rap and the way we mixed it up, people just seemed to love it…

 Who are your all-time favourite singers?


My favourite singers would be Chamkila, Kuldeep Manak, Babbu Maan and Jazzy B – these singers are legends; they changed the music industry in their times and still whenever I listen to any of their tracks they sound totally fresh.


Your album for Amar Sajaalpuri, Red Alert, was released in the UK on Kamlee/Moviebox; are there plans to work with this singer again?


Yes, this was our first album and it got us a lot of attention. Amar Sajaalpuri, in my opinion, is one of the best singers and lyricist I have ever heard. We dropped a single, “Das Ki Karaan”, after that album and now I’m almost done finishing up his album which will be called Roohan de Haani and will be released via Moviebox worldwide. I am really hoping fans will appreciate it and will be one of the best albums of this year…


Do you know and like any UK Asian and/or bhangra artists?


I really like the work of Aman Hayer, Bups Saggu, Dr. Zeus and Tru-Skool; they are really doing an amazing job yet all of them have a different style of music… Singers I like include Jaz Dhami and JK. Maybe one day I will even get to work with some of these artists.


Is “image” important to you?

Yes, image is very important to me– I don’t really work just for the money only. Since the recent successes, I am getting a lot of enquiries about work but I don’t want to work with each and every one just because they are paying me a lot. I have my specific taste and I just want to work with those that can show a good understanding of what I do and with whom I can build a good bond between us. Image-wise I also need to know that what we work on together continues with this image and what is produced is a good final product that can be a hit.

What do you think of Bollywood music today?

Bollywood is really doing big things day by day. They have some really have good sounds and doing some great quality work. I also have some future Bollywood projects lined up which I’m currently working on; I will surely update everyone about them in the near future.


What is your next release?

A-Kay featuring Bling Singh’s “Brown Boi” has just been released on Speed Records. I have a few projects lined up and some new artists that I am planning to help launch (John Nagra, Victor Kamboz, Musahib, Cherry Billa). I’m also working with some big established names in the industry including Diljit Dosanjh, Jassi Gill, Ranjit Bawa, Gitaz Bindrakhiya, Yuvraj Hans and Sippy Gill, so yes, I am very busy!

A-Kay’s Brown Boi, produced by Muzical Doctorz, is out now on Speed Records India

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