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Sonu brings to you ‘Senti Part 2’ ft JC Sona & Tino Attila

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Sonu, a newcomer to the music industry, is due to release his first album in 2015. In 2014 he gave the industry a glimpse of what he has to offer and released ‘Judho Langda’, ‘Dil Teh Lagiah’ and ‘Senti’ a top ten charting track.

Recently, Sonu decided to revamp the track ‘Senti’ and enlisted JC Sona to create something unique. Although Senti means sentimental, Sonu wanted the track to have an urban feel alongside a rap verse and who better to rap on the track than Tino Attila!


Tino’s rap style is versatile and brings a whole new energy to the music scene. He has featured alongside Dalvinder Singh on JC’s single ‘Nakhro’ and has been working closely with JC on a handful of projects for 2015. ‘Senti Part 2” has been released by VIP Records and is sure to create some excitement within the industry with its distinctive blend of artists and production.

Senti Part 2 by Sonu is available to download from here.

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