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Singer Sarmad Qadeer micro-interviewed

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banner talks exclusively to the latest singing sensation live & direct from Lahore!


Introduce yourself…

My name is Sarmad Qadeer and I am originally from Faisalabad but now live in Lahore. I’ve been singing since the 10th grade afterwhich I enrolled at Beaconhouse National University, a very well known university in Lahore for media and the arts. Musically I am self-taught and I have been producing my own music too; you can probably say I started my singing career in 2010. Very soon I’m going to surprise my fans with my two more new releases InshAllah.

Your recent first official single “Lavi Naa” hung around the Asian Download Chart for a good few weeks; how important is success in the UK to you?

It’s really important as it means all the hard work pays off – I really wasn’t expecting this response from the UK market, especially with my first song and it all happened so quickly.

Tell us something about the music industry in Pakistan today…

Unfortunately there aren’t enough opportunities in the local music industry for brand new singers. There also aren’t that many promotional platforms to showcase new material; and if there are, these aren’t as supportive of emerging talent as the established acts – for this reason, it’s been a blessing to be able to release my debut album via Moviebox in the UK


Your new single “Ishq Be Panah” really shows your vocal range – tell us a bit about more about this release

This is the song that got me noticed and effectively introduced me to the legendary label Moviebox. The story is very interesting because as I uploaded the song on YouTube about one year back; then one fine morning Kamran bhai, who runs Moviebix, called me to enquire about the song— this is how I got signed to his label! Now by the grace of the Almighty, people in the UK are liking my songs and I owe this exposure to Moviebox for giving me this amazing opportunity. I’d like to thank all the fans who legally downloaded the first single and made it a hit there.

Who would be your ultimate musical collaboration?

Of course like many others, I would love to collaborate with the music maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan; and maybe even a band like Linkin Park for a rock and classical mix.

Many Pakistani singers ultimately find great success across the border in Bollywood- is that a goal you would like to achieve?

Of course I would! As art and music has no boundaries in the Bollywood industry; Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has really rocked the music industry there and this is a great inspiration for me and all Pakistani arstists.

Sarmad Qadeer’s new single, “Ishq Be Panah”, is out now on Moviebox. Find out where to download it here

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