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Shin Cobra releases new track for Lohri celebrations – ‘Lohri Ayee Eh’

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Following on from the success in 2014 of his tracks, Maa Meriyeh and Punjabian Da Kum, Shin Cobra kicks off 2015 with a release of a track Lohri, ‘Lohri Ayee Eh’.


Shin Cobra says:

Lohri is a fun filled festivity observed by the Punjabi community every year in the month of January for a good harvest that carries cultural and traditional significance.

Traditionally on Lohri day, children in villages and towns across northern India go from door to door singing folk songs in the praise and honour of Dulha Bhatti. People give these young visitors sweets, savouries and money. It is these collections by children, which are known as Lohri.

In the evening, families gather around the bonfire and throw sweets, puffed rice, peanuts and popcorn into the fire and sing and dance to folk songs. Lohri is also an auspicious occasion to celebrate a newly born baby’s or a new bride’s arrival in the family. I have tried to capture all these things into this track.

Composition and music for the track is by Shin Cobra.

Lohri Ayee Eh is available now to download from iTunes, Google Play & Amazon MP3.

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