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Sarika Gill unveils her brand new single Bach Ke ft Jeeti

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After the success of Punjabi Suit, sang and composed by UK’s female talent Sarika Gill who is being trained in classical music, written by the lyrical master Tari Banwali Puria and produced by the talented JeetiSarika has again teamed up with Jeeti to bring you her brand new single entitled Bach Ke. The lyrics for Bach Ke have been written by the most upcoming Bhangra lyricist who goes by the name of Inda Nahal.


The idea for Bach Ke came from Inda Nahal, he sang the hook line to Sarika and she instantly knew this was the perfect song for her. The song is about a girl who likes a guy and she’s saying “I’m going to steal your heart; I’m going to make you fall for me”. Throughout the song it refers to a woman’s beauty, charm and power, which can put any guy under her spell. So it’s another song for all the ladies out there!

Sarika says:

There are many songs on the market where males are telling the females they should be aware of them, so we switched it up!

Sarika and Jeeti have tried to do something really different and create a new fresh sound with Bach Ke. For the music they wanted to have a reggae/summery feel to the track and Sarika believes that Jeeti has done a ‘brilliant job’ with that! Inda Nahal has done a wonderful job with the lyrics, in terms of giving us all something different to listen to!

Sarika goes on to say,

As a team we all have worked so hard to bring you something new and fresh and we really hope that you will all enjoy the new single Bach Ke.


A video has been made to compliment the single Bach Ke. The video contrasts greatly as it has western beach shots as well as pure Punjabi attire in the kanak (wheat) farm.

Sarika says:

 This was my first time acting in a music video which was a great experience.

Watch the official video here.

Bach Ke is available for download via iTunesGoogle Play & Amazon MP3. .

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