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Rishi Rich hands over ‘The Heights’ studio key to his protege NaamLess!

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When super music producer Rishi Rich recently announced that he was to embark on his musical journey to work with Teddy Riley in Atlanta, one question on the lips of many was; What would happen to his iconic recording studio “The Heights


Would this be the end of an era or would a legacy continue, all questions were recently answered. Rishi Rich announced that the studio had been acquired by his protege NaamLess of Xzecutive Productionz.

NaamLess has shadowed RR for the last three years and has learnt a lot from the master. Its bizarre how things have come round in a full circle, Rishi Rich was given his first break by DJ/Producer San-J Sanj (xzecutive) way back in 1992 (coincidentally the year NaamLess was born) and in turn Rishi Rich has given a break to Sanj‘s son NaamLess.


The studio stays in the family and the legacy continues. Xzecutive are known for breaking new ground in the early 90’s with many remix albums to their credit.

The Heights Recording studio in London has seen the likes of Jay Sean and Juggy D catapult their careers, other famous voices that have graced the studio are Craig David, Miss Pooja, Westlife, Wayne Wonder, Malkit Singh and many more.

The future of the studio will be to follow and preserve the history, establishing new stars and also working with well known acts, NaamLess will be the main producer at the studio. His first release The Heights EP out on 12th June pays ode to the studio and was fully recorded and mixed at The Heights.

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