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Raxstar gives his LIVE MUSIC career a boost!

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There’s a whisper going around the Music Industry at the moment and they’re saying “DC LIVE”. So what is DC LIVE?

DC Live is a youth content music channel that is dedicated to live music. They broadcast live music sessions, interviews and features with the best new and established music talent all online and on smart mobile devices using YouTube. Their keystone videos are the exclusive live sessions performed in the DC Live studios in West London. They also pride themselves on working with bands and artists on their new releases by providing quality live streamed or recorded performances, recorded in high quality from their professional production TV and audio studios and even live from concerts.

Check out Raxstar performing live with his band The Dream Warriors at DC LIVE:

DC LIVE also has an option for artists and bands to record their very own virtual press conference where affiliated music press across the genre submit questions, as do fans, the artists have an opportunity to answer those questions direct to the public, they call this DC LIVE TALK, check out Raxstar’s below:

DC LIVE has been welcomed by almost every UK Music trade body and the extended music fraternity nationwide and in every genre. Using their state of the art studio in London they are able to showcase a new dimension of bands that can usually only ever be seen at a live concert. For many artists, it has allowed them to take their recording career to a whole new level now being able to go out and perform at gigs with an instrument, a full band, solo or even electronic equipment like a sampler or serato scratch or a laptop. The whole point is that promoters, labels, publishers, booking agents now can see what you do live and best of all it’s all in HD broadcast quality with audio professionally mixed by a professional sound engineer in Pro-Tools. Visit for more information and to book your session email

Finally it means fans of musicians don’t have to wait months and months for releases from their favourite bands/artists. A dedicated live music community growing in all different directions with Industry heads watching every move? That sounds tasty to us. What do you think?

Source: Terry Mardi – Desi Circus

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