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Meri Rani (Set to Blow) first thoughts

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‘Meri Rani’ (Set to Blow) is produced by the outfit known as ‘RaOol’, consisting of Australian singer/songwriter ‘D Wunder’ and DJ/Producer ‘Macks Wolf’.  The song is out now on iTunes.


Now here’s a fresh track from a new duo that just might, with a bit of luck on their sides, become one of the surprise hits of the year. Borrowing musical elements that made Imran Khan so popular combined with Honey Singh style rapping but in, arguably, more accessible Hindi, RaOol’s second self-released track Meri Rani (Set to Blow) has all the ingredients of a mainstream Asian hit. Apart from being instantly catchy, the track seems to strike the right balance between commercial and credible; often a good indicator of a release with wider appeal.

Electronic beats, a nagging synth and punchy vocal combined with slick production almost guarantee it peak time play in clubs. The ability to go beyond just another club banger though will depend on whether radio jumps on it. If it makes that transition, it could just be hanging around the best part of the summer.

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