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‘Pakka Sharabi’ by Rajveer & Dr Zeus ft Shortie & Fateh out now on E3UK Records

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E3UK Records & Panj-aab Records are proud to present the fourth single by Rajveer titled ‘Pakka Sharabi’ – produced by the renowned Dr Zeus – ‘Pakka Sharabi’ is out now worldwide via all leading digital stores.


Having burst onto the scene in the summer of 2013 – Rajveer made an impact with his debut single ‘Ki Kehnda Dil’. The song showcased Rajveer’s flawless vocals. The vocalist has been trained under the renowned and respected Ustaad Ajit Singh Mutlashi. We have seen Rajveer go from strength to strength with his third offering ‘Single Rehna’ with none other then Dr Zeus. Rajveer has now returned in December 2014 to make sure the year finishes off with a bang!

His latest single, Pakka Sharbi, is expected to further progress his musical career, experimenting with hip hop styles and influences to encourage a unique and unparalleled sound with notable rappers Shortie & Fateh. The song ‘Pakka Sharabi’ has been penned by Pirti Silon.

Dr Zeus is a critically acclaimed Punjabi mastermind, launching into a new level of fame following his recent prodigious single Mitran De Boot with Jazzy B and Kaur B. With his stage name ‘Zeus’ originating from Greek mythology, meaning ‘The King of all gods and men’ we no doubt expect him to reach such heights in this world, lording the Punjabi music scene single handedly.

If you have not yet seen the video then we encourage you to do so, even if you just want to appreciate the fleet of extraordinary vehicles that feature in the video. The Music Video has been produced by renowned director Sumit Bhardwaj and is on Panj-aab Records official YouTube channel.

With Dr Zeus renowned for his love of stunning vehicles we understand why he partnered with Limo Broker to ensure the cars in his video stood out. Limo Broker is the UK’s largest luxury car hire company, renowned for their amazing prop supply when working on music videos.

‘It was great to work with Rajveer & Dr Zeus on this project, the video turned out exactly how we all intended and it was great to showcase our fleet on such a large scale’ said their head of sales at Limo Broker.

From gleaming Rolls Royce Phantoms to striking Lamborghini Aventadors, it is safe to say that the video has something for everyone’s tastes. Special thanks to Bob (Rockafella) for the Mustang.

Check out the video to Pakka Sharabi here.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those earphones in and enjoy the latest track by the hit duo Rajveer & Dr Zeus featuring Shortie & Fateh! The track is available to download from here.

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