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Title track ‘Puth Jattan de’ from the upcoming Punjabi movie Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De

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“Rewind to 1981, the year that saw the release of the iconic Panjabi movie ‘Putt Jattan De‘ which concurrently spawned the hit track of the same name. Both the film and track featured the legendary voice of one of Panjabi Folks penultimate Godfathers – Surinder Shinda.

Fast forward to 2013 which will imminently see the introduction of the brand new addition to the recently booming Panjabi Film industry – ‘Putt Jattan De – Jatt Boys‘. This cinematic release has no relation to the 1981 film apart from one glaring factor; the title track of the new movie is sung by Surinder Shinda too.


Indeed, the brand new track ‘Puth Jattan De‘ will see the long anticipated return of the legendary Surinder Shinda. However, on this venture Surinder Shinda is not alone as he is joined by the UK based Panjabi Folk heavyweights Gurbhej Brar, Kulvinder Johal and the hottest commodity within the UK Bhangra industry – JK. This track will be a delight for audiences internationally as ‘Puth Jattan De’ boasts a truly versatile and varied line up of vocalists that each bring a distinctively different flavour to the track.

The music for ‘Puth Jattan De‘ is supplied courtesy of none other than the trendsetter himself – TRU-SKOOL (Sukhjit Singh Olk). ‘Puth Jattan De‘ is the long awaited return of Tru-Skool after the record breaking INTERNATIONAL SMASH HIT album ‘Back to Basics‘ alongside the Panjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh. Tru-Skool is one such artist who is synonymous with going against the grain and providing music that others wouldn’t dare to. Tru-Skool has ensured that ‘Puth Jattan De‘ receives the royal treatment it deserves with crisp, clean compositions, menacing percussion and a double dose injection of Panjabi Folk. Once again, Tru-Skool has spared no efforts in delivering a sound that is unreservedly RAW, unflinchingly FOLK and unmistakably pure PANJABI.

At a time when the Panjabi industry is overflowing with modern music and a prevalent tendency for artists to venture towards Western styles; Puth Jattan De promises intelligently crafted magical musicality to a generation that may not have had the fortune to have been exposed to PROPER Panjabi music before.”

Check the official video below:

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