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Progression is the journey of NRG

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East London Brit-Asian Pop Band NRG return with their new album ‘Progression’ out now on iTunes featuring their new single ‘Mitran De’ alongside French Punjabi rapper Desi Boome, combined with the remarkable lyrics of the Late Dev Raj Jassal and production from Kami K!


Progression is the journey of NRG, from their inception, to ten years on and to ten years moving forward. Their joint vision of progression is what has led to their evolvement, both musically and personally, hence its significance as the album title.

East London Brit-Asian Pop Band NRG, consisting of Ray Khan, Imz and the new addition to the group Nabz, stormed back into the scene with ‘Tere Kadmon Ko‘ in June this year. The track saw a reunion of the band with their debutant collaborators, Kami K and Drilla Kid, generating a positive response from fans.

The full 8 track album is now due for release on the 6th September 2012, with 3 exclusive bonus mixes for additional entertainment value. The album is filled with moments and memories of the progressive musical journeys of each of the guys, from modern day pop to hard hitting beats and of course the more melodious romantic numbers.

The opening track of the album ‘Mitran De‘ is a catchy, original fusion of Bhangra and Hip Hop, reworked with a touch of Drum n Bass. ‘Mitran De‘ features the remarkable lyrics of the Late Dev Raj Jassal, a close collaborator and friend of the band (RIP). Also featured on the track is the upcoming French Punjabi rapper Desi Boome, who is crossing borders to really make his mark.

The entire album has been produced by the versatile and musically creative Kami K, who has been with the band from inception to present, working closely to manage and develop their ongoing progression. The album also features one track with the production of Tom Lowry of UK renowned Planet Studios.

The album is available to purchase on iTunes and all good digital distributors from the 6th September 2012.

Check  Out The Official Music Video for ‘Mitran De’ Playing Below

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