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Pauna Bhangra – the video & track in the words of the artists who made it

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Tru-Skool, Kaos Productions & video producer Simon Berik talk exclusively to about the hottest new track around!


It’s the track we’ve all been waiting for – after the huge success of Baljit Malwa‘s “Chabi” a few years ago (lifted from one of the strongest albums that year), many wondered when he would team up with a UK-based producer. Enter Tru-Skool and Kaos Productions for what can only be described as a dynamite collaboration.

Simon Berik of Frenzy Film House who produced the video tells us about the idea behind it…

After seeing the response to the “Puth Jattan De” video, Tru Skool had faith in me to work on his next project. However, this project came a lot sooner than initially expected. Baljit Malwa was already in talks with Moviebox to make an album with Tru-Skool & Kaos Productions, but wanted to release a single as soon as possible. His initial plan was to have the video shot in India but both Tru-Skool and Kaos Productions felt  the video needed a western feel to match the vibe of the track.

What was Baljit Malwa like?

Initially, it was quite a daunting experience working with him as he is a vocalist that I have looked up to for a number of years. After chilling with him for a few days, I realised how humble and down to earth he is. He’s an extremely funny guy and often joked about my computer problems, saying I had gone to a village called Chandpur (on the moon) to edit, in order get the best results!



For those interested in the technical aspects of video production, how was working on this video different to “Puth Jattan De”?

One of the hardest parts of the whole process is the editing stage. This was the first time I had used RED, which brought forward its own difficulties, as my own computer couldn’t handle the complexities and the sheer size of each file. As soon as I loaded the footage, I realized I needed to get a new system and funnily enough, after waiting for months it arrived on the same day I had to submit the final edit to the label for the TV channel premiere. Having reviewed all of the footage, we felt that we needed more desi elements sliced into the video. With the help of Moviebox and Baljit himself, we managed to shoot additional footage in Panjab– all of which, I had to direct over the phone and via Whatsapp!


We cornered Tru-Skool to introduce the single for us

With the album compositions complete, this was the last track that was added to the collection. We thought we needed the lead single to be a bit different. Baljit Malwa was only in the UK for a few days, so we were under time constraints to get the composition made and the vocal recorded. We went for a hip-hop and up-tempo style of beat, which is a big contrast to the usual material that people hear from him. The rest of the album is very traditional desi bhangra, rather than this kind of vibe, so we thought we’d kick off with something completely different.

So are you happy with how the video turned out?

Again we were under pressure of time, the planning & shooting was all done in a couple of days. The edit was a crucial part of how it was going to look. I’m happy with the edit, in terms of what we had to work with. I think to get a real look at the video, it’s best to watch it in HD on YouTube. Also, this maybe the first time that Baljit Malwa is seen in a slightly different look. Big up to Simon for putting in all the crazy hours to get the video done.


This is what Amo Hayer of KAOS Productions had to say about the video…

Simon of Frenzy Film House has been associated with the team for many years and it’s very important to us that whoever makes the visual to represent our music, understands and echoes the passion, work ethic and quality control we try to adhere to. During the filming and editing of Pauna Bhangra”, it was evident that Baljit Malwa had to be presented in a way that deviated from his previous image. Simon and Tru-skool worked tirelessly to make sure there was a connection between the music and visuals that did justice to the overall project. The video for the track has immense detail; it’s easy to overlook how much effort goes into the 3/4 min visual for a track but in this day and age, videos have the power to make or break tracks. Making a video which adds to the feel of a song and represents the vibe correctly is extremely difficult on restrictive budgets but we’re very happy with how this turned out.

We didn’t spot your musical partner Laki on the day, where was he?

Although Kaos Productions will of course always consist of both Laki and myself, Laki was unable to make the shoot due to other commitments.

And back to Simon for one last shout out…

Of course I’d also like to thank Tru-Skool & Kaos Productions for giving me  this opportunity, as well as Moviebox. And a huge thank you to Nachda Sansaar, Lions of Punjab and Kente Wale Gabru for coming down to the shoot at such short notice!

“Pauna Bhangra” is out now on Moviebox, buy your copy here
Not seen the video? Watch it now in HD
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