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Newcomer Sakina tells us just why it’s tough being the new girl

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Desilady in the house Sakina gets talking to about her debut single!


Introduce yourself…

Hey I’m Sakina and I grew up in Beckton, East London. I’m a big desi music fan; I’ve been collecting Punjabi tapes half of my life and I have a CRAZY amount of them at home. Talking about my collection, I still remember the first time I heard B21’s By Public Demand album– every day after school I would come home and blast it in my room. I also loved listening to Pakistani band Junoon who released some amazing albums around that time. Now after struggling for a few years, I’m finally releasing my music. I guess everything happens in time for a reason…

Tell us how you hooked up with Tigerstyle for your first single

I have known the Tigerstyle guys for quite some time now; in fact my first ever studio session way back in 2011 was with them. At that time I was too young and was focusing on my studies but I finally got back into the studio with them last year and they’ve been supporting me ever since.

What does it feel like being a woman in what seems like a male-dominated Punjabi music industry?

I have realised it’s much easier for a male artist to be in the Punjabi music industry but when it comes to females it seems to be the other way round as no-one takes new women artists seriously. I know this because I have been through it myself but my advice would be don’t ever give up because that’s exactly what I’m doing…


Who are you musical interests?

I just Love Sudesh Kumari because her voice is simply amazing. I don’t really listen to mainstream music much these days but Brandy is my favourite artist– 90s rnb tunes all the way!

If you could achieve one thing in the next 12 months, what would it be?

My main focus at the moment is releasing my singles back-to-back over the next few months and which I have already recorded with Tigerstyle. I hope fans will continue supporting the music so I can keep on releasing new stuff for them.

You’re a native East Londoner; where would you take someone who’s never visited?

Shouldn’t it be the other way round and someone taking me out?! It would be good to go somewhere romantic with someone special for the day, like Paris!

What’s your favourite track right now?

At the moment I have 2 tracks that I can’t stop listening to: the first one is Diljit DosanjhProper Patola”, and the second is Honey SinghGet Up Jawani”. I have both of these on repeat at the gym. I’m also a big fan of Badshah; I love the way he writes his music.

If you could star as the heroine in a remake of famous Bollywood film– who would you play and which film would it be?

To be honest I can’t stand Bollywood! I don’t watch or listen to any Bollywood music at all; but to answer your question, I would say Aishwarya Rai in Devdas as her acting was really good– I think I’ve seen the film more than 50 times.

The debut single “Shartaan”, produced by Tigerstyle, is out now on Soldier Sound Recordings.

Click here to buy it now




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