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Watch Mr P tell a real life story in Rab Utte

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2010 marked my introduction into the music industry, “Rab Utte”, which I gave for free download, received prominent airplay on the legendary late night ‘Bobby Friction’ show who also featured me as one of his introducing artists later in that year. The feedback that I received about the song was more then I imagined and gave me great confidence to publish a product suitable for the world to listen to


With that in mind, I’m proud to present The album version titled “Rab Utte” (Taken From Debut Album ‘He’s Here’ Out 2013) Written By the late great ‘Uncle Dev Raj Jassal Ji’ and Sung by ‘Hema Sharma Ji’. The video concept was based on real life events and I believe music to be an expression of emotion and thought through sound.

The song released Worldwide via ‘MR Records’ on the 26th April 2013 and will be available on ‘Itunes, Amazon,’ and many other digital outlets. Thank you to all those who have supported my music and me since the start, it means a great deal and truly appreciated.

The video was shot at the Mallory Court Hotel in Warwickshire. The beautiful Carla-Louise Shepherd played the role of the model and shot by Chris Porter.

The video concept was based on real life events that I depict to be the avenue of real music. In life not everybody’s love story is happy and in life, you do have a choice of what you want, and what you do.

I do apologize beforehand if any scenes are deemed controversial. Music for me is real and an art and it is an avenue to show emotions through sound.

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