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Mothers Day (UK) – Songs for your Maa

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Sunday 10th March 2013 is Mothers Day in the UK. It got me thinking about the number of “Maa” songs which have been released over the years. Some came to mind quickly, and others took some more thought and research. Some of these I had totally forgotten about!


Click on the titles to view the videos.

[accordions] [accordion title=”Benny Dhaliwal & Dj Dips released Maa in 2013″]

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Surjit Khan & Ravi Bal released Maa on the album Headliner 2 in 2012″][/accordion] [accordion title=”Baljit Malwa released Maa on the album Pardes in 2012″][/accordion] [accordion title=”Angrez Ali & Aman Hayer released Maa on this album Diamond Ring in 2012″][/accordion] [accordion title=”Bakshi Billa and GS Chagger released Maa in 2010″]

GS Chaggar is due to release his new album “Sublime” sometime this year.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Jazzy B released Maa on the album Maharajas in 2010.”][/accordion] [accordion title=”Raja Kasheef released Maa on the album My Dearest Maa in 2009″][/accordion] [accordion title=”Master Saleem and Sachin Ahuja released Maa on the album Tere Bin in 2007″]No Official Video is available for this song.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Lehmber Hussainpuri & Jeeti released Maa on the album Chalakiyan in 2006.”]No Official video is available for this release, but you can hear the full song (track 6) here.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Sunny Cheema released Maa on the album All About You (Kuri Nachdi Phire) in 2003″][/accordion] [accordion title=”Malkit Singh & Ravi Bal released Maa on the album Midas Touch 2 in 2003″]No Official Video is available for this song.

The due are almost set to release “Midas Touch 3” later this year.


There are many more “Maa” songs out there, including some not titled “Maa“, such as “Maa Hundi Maa” by Kuldeep Manak, “Maa Di Kadar” by Gurdas Maan, “Mera Ki Haal” and “Pardes” by Amrinder Gill, “Pardes” by Preet Harpal, and “Maa Da Pyar” by Sahotas. I am sure I have missed some, but this is just to give you a selection of the available songs.

To all the Mothers out there, have a fabulous day, and to all the sons and daughters, make this Mothers Day a special one, but do not forget them on any other day either.

Whilst writing this article I was searching for videos for Amrinder Gill‘s “Pardes” and “Mera Ki Haal“. I was not able to find any, but did come across these two videos which is a nice touch by Moviebox. Some of the songs are those which I have already mentioned, but this is a nice way to listen to a compilation, maybe for your Mothers.

[accordions] [accordion title=”Mothers Day Special Vol 1″][/accordion] [accordion title=”Mothers Day Special Vol 2″][/accordion] [/accordions]

Share this post with your friends so it reaches all the Mothers out there.

Can you think of any others which I’ve missed? Which is your favourite?

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