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In 1986 Holle Holle changed Bhangra music. Now in 2013 it returns

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Headed by legendary music director and Godfather of Bhangra – Deepak Khazanchi – Arrishma was created in November 2012.

From the late seventies through to the early nineties, Deepak produced those albums that have gone on to become legendary in Bhangra circles – albums such as Diamonds From Heera, Cool and Deadly, Holle Holle, Wicked and Wild and Shava Shava amongst others, each album redefining and setting a new yardstick in music and composition and leaving the listeners screaming for more and more.

Deepak totally ripped up the rule book and produced Bhangra Fever 1 and 2, the first time any producer attempted to remix his original music; the result was the iconic albums that today are still played at clubs and on dance floors all over the world. Such was the impact of Deepak’s music that even today his fans and followers around the world revere him and cite those very albums as the greatest bhangra music ever produced.

The roadmap for Arrishma is clear – Deepak and his team are back and aim to create a new vibe in the today’s music scene. Not only will Arrishma digitally re-master and release those albums that have become synonymous with bhangra, but Arrishma will create new music with new artists and once again aim to set a new benchmark in the music industry worldwide.


The voice behind monster hits like Holle Holle, Aah Aah Mere Kol Ah, Ishqa De Mamla, dusted the cobwebs get ready I am coming back to shake you all again!!!

Holle Holle by Manjeet Kondal and Deepak Khazanchi is out now on iTunes.

If this is the start of a revival of what I would call Old Skool Bhangra, then I am very much looking forward to this and more!

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