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Lux Phull to release new single ‘Jigrey Yaaran De’ ft Kaka Bhainiawala

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Jigrey Yaaran De‘ ft the late Kaka Bhainiawala is the new single by Lux Phull set to release worldwide on 20th February 2014.


It was back in December 1993 when Lukhdeep Phull’s life would change forever. At the age of just 16 Lukhdeep, who is known as Lux, was stabbed in the spine at Leicester Square underground station and his spinal cord was severed. Initially in a wheelchair for several years, Lux fought to get back on his feet and he is now about to fulfill another ambition by releasing his first record.

Music has been an inspiration in Lux Phull’s life and has helped him through grit and determination to fight back from a knife injury that severed his spinal cord when he was a teenager. After being attacked at an underground station when he was 16 years old Lux spent months in Stanmore Spinal Unit as his condition was assessed by consultants. When told the heart-breaking news that he would never walk again, unsurprisingly Lux’s reaction was to burst into tears. Lux left the spinal unit in April 1994 and returned back to the family home. His brother gave up his university course and together they journeyed to Gloucestershire where Lux attended physiotherapy and began to regain some function. “Standing up was the best feeling ever,” Lux recalls.


During the years that followed Lux had a fairly ordinary life. He restarted his education gaining a degree in multimedia computing, all the while continuing with a physio more local to home in Wembley. Gradually Lux began to regain functionality and movement and in 1998, some five years after his accident, Lux was able to park his wheelchair and has used only crutches since then. Lux now continues to improve by attending neurokinex which is a new activity-based rehabilitation centre in Watford. The extraordinary non-profit facility provides specialist rehabilitation through exercise for people suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Lux says:

neurokinex has really helped not just my physical condition but also my self-confidence and with that I am now pursuing what is my real passion in life.


He was always a shy character, but following his accident he became more self-conscious around others and always held people at arm’s length. Lux says:

I found that I spent more and more time listening to music and gradually over the years my interest in music became the main thing in my life.

Lux saved his earnings and eventually was able to start piecing together a recording studio at his home, and he has now written and is about to release his first solo track.

“The track follows my life and fuses the tradition of Bhangra music with modern music and life.”

Watch the official teaser here:

The track is due to be released on 20th February, 2014 and is available on SpeakerBoxx Records via iTunes, Google Play & Amazon MP3.

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