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Lord Munmeet – Roki Na – Official Music Video

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Lord Munmeet

Glaswegian based singer Munmeet Singh Sandhu aka Lord Munmeet is releases single “Roki Na” (Don’t Stop Me).

Munmeet had his first taste of fame with his debut album DIL MILDE which he released with his sister, who is now known as ‘Ramee’ most popularly known for her recent release Ghetto Refix with Mumzy Stranger and Tasha Tah. Their debut music album was produced by Bollywood music producer Atul Sharma and gave him their first taste of success worldwide.

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Lord Munmeet may be an unusual name but everyone will find out why this young artist has named himself with Lord in the next few weeks! With his edgy style and supporting a “Disco Turla” Munmeet brings the edgy look to the traditional turban. Being a Sardar, Munmeet says he wants to keep his turban and still be fashionable “ My statement look will be a disco Turla, it’s something I thought would stand out from the normal turla’s. everyone is loving it so far

Having been trained from an early age from the “RSNO – Royal Scottish National Opera” a separate institution that dedicates to teach classical music in depth in Scotland. Munmeet has also trained with the Giani from the Sikh Temple to perform Kirtan and Shabads.

Munmeet then went on to being trained by Guru ji – Prakriti Dutta – “She has taught me voice control and ragas. Not just to rehearse the ragas and the favoured popular sargams, but to invent my own from changing shudh and komal notes

With all the experience and new look, Munmeet’s career is just about to take off! Roki Na is produced by Scotland based producers Tigerstyle who have also produced for Bollywood and known British Asian Artists. ROKI NA – is just the beginning for this young talent! Roki Na releases on 19th July 2012, Check out the Official Music Video below!

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