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Lord Munmeet is not stopping

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Many of you will remember Lord Munmeet, whose track “Roki Na” with Tigerstyle released last summer, and left many wanting more. Upon its release the song went straight into the Top 10 iTunes world chart in under 12 hours of release, and remained in the charts for sometime.

Having been trained from an early age from the “RSNO – Royal Scottish National Opera” a separate institution that dedicates to teach classical music in depth in Scotland. Lord Munmeet has also trained with the Giani from the Sikh Temple to perform Kirtan and Shabads.

Lord Munmeet then went on to being trained by Guru ji – Prakriti Dutta

She has taught me voice control and ragas. Not just to rehearse the ragas and the favoured popular sargams, but to invent my own from changing shudh and komal notes.

With all the experience and new look, Lord Munmeet’s career was about to take off!


Following that collaboration with Tigerstyle, Lord Munmeet is hard at work, this time with Ravi Bal. Can this combination bring a killer track? or more? Ravi Bal tends to work on multiple tracks with artists, so lets hope this EP will showcase Lord Munmeet‘s vocal abilities.


Here is a reminder of Lord Munmeet’s “Roki Na”, produced by Tigerstyle.

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