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Kanika Kapoor accuses Dr Zeus over Baby Doll

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On BBC Asian Network end of year chart show with Asian Network presenter Suzi Mann, Singer Kanika Kapoor refused to acknowledge that Dr Zeus produced or had any involvement with the song ‘Baby Doll‘.


Dr Zeus‘ quotes on Suzi Mann‘s show:

To be honest, it’s quite a sad story on my side. To be honest with you, it was called ‘Barbie Doll’ originally, but had to be changed due to copyright reasons at the last minute. I was asked to do the Baby Doll song.

I recorded all the vocals in my studio with Kanika, I produced that whole song. Then Meet Brothers turned around to me and said, ‘We’re the producers of this song’. I said, ‘What have you done?’ So they said to me, ‘We made the composition.

Dr Zeus went on to explain to Suzi Mann,

It’s a law in India that if you’re a composer, you’re credited as the producer. But to be honest, it’s these kinds of things that are frustrating under the Indian law. They don’t make sense to me under English law of music.

As for Lovely, Dr Zeus went on to ask Suzi if there is anything on that track that sounds like a Vishal-Shekhar composition. “Vishal-Shekhar co-wrote a little bit of the verse on Lovely, but that’s it.

I explained the Baby Doll situation to Shah Rukh Khan and he promised me that I would get credited and he would shoot a remix video with me. It still hasn’t happened, but to be fair, he’s a very busy man and I understand that.

And to be honest, I can’t complain, when they launched the track Lovely, Shah Rukh called me and Kanika on stage. I still got appreciated despite what has happened to me in this whole Baby Doll and Lovely scenario. Hopefully, I’m making an impact in Bollywood, touch wood. I have loads of tracks that are just me and I have some big backers out there.”


Kanika‘s quotes later on the Suzi Mann show:

I actually don’t know what you’re talking about. No, I don’t think so, that’s not the right thing to say. The track was written, composed and produced right in front of me in the Meet Brothers studio in Mumbai.

It was written by Kumar and it was done in front of me. If they took some help on music production from Zeus, then that’s between the two of them. It was certainly not produced by Zeus.

You cannot credit somebody for the wrong thing. It was composed — the song, the melody, the lyrics, everything in front of me. The credit firstly goes to Kumar who wrote the song. What made the song was the lyrics. We do respect Dr Zeus.

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