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K.S. Bhamrah & Dipps Bhamrah team up for ‘Vaisakhi Wala Mela’

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35 years not out … that’s the voice, the lyrics and the Bhangra personality that is K.S. Bhamrah. Front man from the icon Bhangra band Apna Sangeet, K.S. Bhamrahʼs he is recognised for his powerful voice, musical collaborations and lyrical content and the festival of Vaisakhi brings his first release of 2014.


Vaisakhi Wala Mela is K.S. Bhamrahʼs lyrics and voice singing about the cultural festival side of  Vaisakhi and the melaʼs that take place around the world. The harvest festival brings together the whole community and celebrate with the sounds of Bhangra music. Vaisakhi Wala Mela is another track to add to that mela playlist from K.S. Bhamrah.

With the traditional music provided international DJ, broadcaster and his son Dipps Bhamrah, this family affair brings the family feeling to Vaisakhi Wala Mela. Having already collaborated together with Twerking Jugni, this record showcases how the father and son duo can make urban asian music and traditional desi tunes. A song to dance to, a song to listen to and a song from K.S. Bhamrah celebrating Vaisakhi in 2014.

Vaisakhi Wala Mela is set to release on 7th April 2014 via iTunes, Google Play & Amazon MP3.

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