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Juz D accuses Bups Saggu of Hera Pheriyan

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At around 08:30 AM (GMT) 22nd April 2013, the artist Juz D, posted on Facebook accusing Bups Saggu of stealing lyrics from Juz D‘s Here Pherian 420, and using them on his own single Hera Pheriyan, releasing 25th April 2013.


The saga continued on from this Facebook status on Twitter, where Juz D and Bups Saggu exchanged opinions on the matter.

The story unfolded some more, and whilst the initial statement was false, as lyrics have not been stolen, Juz D appears very aggrieved that his idea and hook line have been stolen.

The funniest comment we saw on the matter was this one

Juz D will release a promo and short press release for Here Pherian 420 later today, and Bups Saggu‘s Hera Pheriyan is out on 25th April 2013.

There is no doubt that both songs have similar titles, and may well have similar hook lines, but does this give reason for Juz D to make such an accusation? Is this just a PR stunt by Juz D to gain some exposure on the back of Bups Saggu‘s song?







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