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JumpinGenre gives Gary Kahlon his vocal debut in The Struggle

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Introducing multi-musician, composer / producer, engineer & sound designer JumpinGenres aka Ajay Randhawa. The music aficionado out of Chicago has displayed the ability to practice and master an array of music, giving him the name JumpinGenres.

His journey began after being sent to India during grade school for two years. Being from the states, he struggled to relate to his peers being abroad. He would then begin focusing his energy on his only outlet, music. His focus was not on the literature his school taught but the raags and taals that were found in the depths of Indian musical tradition. Playing the dhol, harmonium and tabla in his spare time while taking in the vibrant sounds of India proved to be a key in his development.

Ajay could not put his instruments down, and would soon return back to the States. There he would focus his attention to the vibrant blues/jazz and hip hop cultures that encapsulates the great city of Chicago. Sharpening his abilities on the keyboards and producing music would be his focus for the years to come.


His diverse skill set has led him to be a part of a wide array of projects and musical endeavors. You can find Ajay Recording with world renowned classical guitarist Fareed Haque for a Honda Commercial and sharing a stage with Ustad Zakir Hussain at a Chicago Cultural Festival with 15,000 plus people in attendance. In addition Ajay has also accompanied on the keyboards the likes of Sarbjit Cheema, K.S. Makhan, Baljit Malwa, Preet Harpal & legends such as Surinder Shinda, Mohd. Saddiq, etc.

Today he is honing his sound engineering skills at Chicago’s Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy with a sound designing discipline & continues his musical training from styles such as Indian Classical, Western Classical, Jazz, Electronic & more. His mission; to change how we perceive music. His avenue will be his limitless creativity and dedication to introducing us to the new genre, the JumpinGenre.

Gary Kahlon’s vocal debut featured on JumpinGenres’ second single “The Struggle” show’s everyone a small story of a long awaited collaboration between the two.

Gary possesses a raw, vocal approach unseen/heard in the industry. A glimpse into the mind of a pure, true vocalist that keeps on keeping on. Enjoy this track as you see how the saga continues in “Timeless“.

Listen to JumpingGenre and Gary KhalonThe Struggle below, and download it via Soundcloud.

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