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Jump to the Bhangra: exclusive behind-the-scenes interview & pics

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Bups Saggu takes us behind-the-scenes of the video to one of the biggest bhangra tracks of the moment!


Currently nestled in the higher reaches of the Asian Download Chart, expect “Jump to the Bhangra” to feature across all the year-end party dancefloors. Bups Saggu yet again delivers another bonafide hit and this time invited along for the shooting of the video. We picked his brains on what this shoot was all about…

What’s the concept behind the video?

Big, bright, colourful, fun and energetic! I believe with the efforts of everyone involved, we captured this and then some. It had been a while since I’d shot a video abroad and Toronto happens to be one of my favourite places in the world so that’s why we set up camp there and put this latest music video together in that great city… plus I got to eat some bad food in the process (laughs)


Tell us a bit about the directors and why you chose to work with them?

ABCi Studios are a talented media production company based in Canada. I have been a fan of their work for sometime so it was only a matter of time before we hooked up. Shafiq and Zak were the masterminds behind the direction and what they captured over one weekend of filming was in my opinion priceless. You can see the production values in all the shots taken, locations, props plus the great looking extras employed for the shoot made this video a large scale endeavour. It takes a good amount of skill, organisation, preparation and execution to pull off a fairly big shoot like this– so thank you guys!

How involved were with the idea behind the video?

I am always very involved in my videos; as much as I enjoy making music I love the process of concepting a video too. This is how I believe I maintain the look and feel I create across all the videos. In all honestly, without my personal input I feel any of my videos wouldn’t fully hit the nail on the head, so to speak.


Where was it filmed in Toronto?

It was filmed downtown and in some suburban areas too. In total here were 5 locations and 6 sets/scenes created not including Manjit Pappu’s part which was shot separately in Chandigarh, India. I’m not really into major flash car videos however this hip hop style concept demanded it; so we had lowrider Cadillacs, a Lamborghini and a Subaru Impreza as well as flashy locations to give it that high gloss look.

And what about all the extras who appear in the video?

Extras were advertised for prior to the shoot and I’m so glad we got the numbers we had in the video, they look amazing and it really made the video what it was!


If you still haven’t seen it, check the full video here

The smash hit single “Jump To The Bhangra” by Bups Saggu feat Manjit Pappu is out now on VIP Records. Find out where to buy it here

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