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Jazz Gill proudly presents his debut single ‘Pataka’ ft Jaswant Heera

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Jazz Gill proudly presents his debut single titled Pataka featuring Jaswant Heera.


As Jazz Gill’s debut single as a music director he has formed a powerhouse team of musicians and engineers to help create an idea and direct his idea into an audio wave format.

As a DJ for The Entourage Live Jazz has been lucky enough to receive guidance off fellow colleagues as well as his musical idol and world renowned Aman Hayer.


Jazz worked closely with his UK born lyricist to ensure the hook line was one to catch on, as well as taking the musical ideas to the studio ensuring his musicians and engineers understood his vision for this debut single.

A Pataka team was created which involved everyone from the studio, mixing, mastering and video shoot to ensure Jazz enters the market with a Pataka and hopes that you agree.

Just in time for the wedding season of 2014 Jazz hopes you can join in and be a part of his Pataka journey.

Jazz is now set to release his debut single Pataka on 17th April 2014 featuring the great vocals of Jaswant Heera and a catchy hook line written by Satty (UK).

Pataka will be available to Pre-Order from 7th April 2014 via iTunes, Google Play & Amazon MP3.

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