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iTunes begins to credit songs composer

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Using today’s digital music services, you would think that making a single or album, is all done by a singer, producer and label. While old-fashioned physical records (Vinyl, Tape, CD) provide music fans with detailed information about who wrote the song, who produced it, what musicians played on it – even who mixed and mastered it – in the digital world these creators have disappeared.

No wonder many people believe that artists can survive on club nights, weddings, and live performances, unaware that it takes a lot of people who are working behind the scenes – people who are reliant on revenue from recorded music to survive.

Not even the Official Charts Company, which publishes sales figures, includes the songwriters and producers in its Asian download chart.

Now, after a decade, iTunes last week finally added a Composer View option to its latest iTunes update (if you want to try it out, click on “Show composers” in the Views section of Preferences). It’s not great, it won’t create automatic playlists, and it only works with your iTunes library, not the iTunes store – but it’s a good step, and hopefully opens the doors to crediting more of those involved in each song.


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