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Introducing Usman Rehman

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We catch up with multi-talented vocalist Usman Rehman to talk bouncers, Bollywood and beyond!


1. Introduce yourself…

I’m Usman Rehman, a simple man from a simple village! I also happen to think im a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, mentor, youth worker and– on the occasional weekend– a door bouncer (laughs). I have never actually had a vocal coach/teacher… quite frankly, I couldn’t afford one. I’m self-taught and yes I’m still learning. Here’s an interesting fact for readers: I once featured on a track with Napoleon from Tupac‘s Outlawz.

2. Why did you get into making music?

Through some of the struggles I faced in my earlier life, I suppose music was like an escape route from the real world.  Music is my passion…

3. What do you think makes you different?

I’m one of the few Sufi singers in the UK. I’ve also spent many years tying to discover who I am and what type of an artist I could be. I always try to leave my signature in all my music. I would also like to think that, through my music, I bring Eastern vibes to the Western world.

4. What’s your favourite track right now?

One of my top tunes at the moment  has to he “Tum Hi Ho” by Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal, the male and female version. It’s a magical track which has come together incredibly well; I also think it’s brought a fresh sound for a new age of music in Bollywood.

5. What’s your upcoming release?

Majajan” is out now and I was lucky enough to be able to shoot the video in L.A. I feel it’s a very different track to the usual Punjabi music out there at the moment. I also have a few collaborations coming up with Young Archie and some other artists, so stay tuned dosto…

“Majajan” is out now on Boiler Room Records. Buy it here.

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Music Mad, Bhangra Addict, Film Buff, Health Freak. Calls London home.

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