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Introducing singer/songwriter Deep Singh

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 We corner the voice behind one of the tracks of the moment, “Nachdi Vekh Ke”, for a quick power chat!

Deep_Singh_featured_imageL-R: M.S, Deep Singh, DJ Dally

1. Introduce yourself…

My name is Deep Singh and I was born and raised in Manchester. I’m a singer and songwriter who’s just released a brand new single, “Nachdi Vekh Ke”, alongside the highly talented Mr T.S (who is an MC and lyricist) and of course DJ Dally.

2. Why did you get into making music? [

As we all know Punjabi music plays a massive part in our culture, so since a very young age I’ve always been eager to sing. Now as a team, we wanted to give something back to our rich culture and meeting Indi from 3Q Records has allowed me to realise that goal by getting one of our recordings released.

3. What do you think makes you different?

We like to create music for all cultures, not just to a certain targeted audiences. Music is global and definitely a great way to introduce people to our industry/culture. On this project, all three of us wanted to create something not just for Bhangra fans but also the mainstream. The track itself is dedicated to all bhangra music lovers, our family, friends and most importantly to the late Mohinder Kaur (my Nani Ji and Mr T.S & DJ Dally’s Masi Ji).

4. What’s your favourite track right now?

I’m a big fan of Diljit Dosanjh’s music, especially the song “Mr Singh” from the recent film Jatt and Juliet 2.

5. What’s your upcoming release?

Nachdi Vekh Ke” featuring myself, Mr T.S & DJ Dally has just been released on 3Q Records. We’re grateful for all the love and support we’ve received for the track so far. We are currently working hard in the studio on both group & solo projects so keep your eyes peeled for news on all these soon.

 The single ‘Nachdi Vekh Ke’ is out now on 3Q Records. Buy it here

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