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Introducing Raj Bains

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We cornered young singing sensation Raj Bains for his first interview with Chakdey.Com!


1. Introduce yourself…

I am a 21 year old Brit Asian Panjabi singer. I’ve been singing from a very early age and have recently been signed and mentored by world renowned music artist, PBN.

2. Why did you get into making music?

I have sung at every family party/wedding I can think of for years. On every occasion people around encouraged me to take up singing as a career. I recently had the opportunity to audition for PBN, who I’m very happy to say after listening to me decided to sign me up. Music is my passion; I am so grateful to have this opportunity to pursue my dreams.

3. What do you think makes you different?

I think I have a very versatile sound and style to what’s out there at the moment.

4. What’s your favourite track right now?

The whole of Sharry Maan’s Aate Di Chiri album to be honest. The lyrics, music and compositions are fantastic.

5. What’s your current/upcoming release?

My debut single is called “Superstar”; it’s released by Limitless Records on the 30th May 2013.

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Music Mad, Bhangra Addict, Film Buff, Health Freak. Calls London home.

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