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Introducing Badal

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One-time Kabaddi player turned latest bhangra star Badal fills us in on just who he is!


1. Introduce yourself…

My name is Badal (if you haven’t figured it out by now) and I am a Desi bhangra singer, writer and composer.  Previously I was a Kabaddi player in Punjab but was always interested in singing too. I learnt how to sing at a dehra from Sant Balbir Hari Ji who treated me like his own son. I used to stay with him weeks on end to learn music. So from that experience Badal the singer was born and the desire to develop as a vocalist still exists in me today!

 2. Why did you get into making music?

I owe it all to Sant Balbir Hari Ji who was my mentor and inspiration. Whilst giving me knowledge on Sikhi, he also taught me how to sing and play the harmonium.

 3. What do you think makes you different?

I’m new and that makes me different for starters but I hope when listeners hear my songs they will come across as quite different from others singers around. I also tend to write and compose my own stuff which gives you much more feeling when singing your own lyrics.

 4. What’s your favourite track right now?

Well of course apart from my own track (laughs), I’m listening to “Babe Te Jawani” by Bai Amarjit (Speed Records) and “Gulab” by Sharry Maan (Swag Music).

 5. What’s your upcoming release?

In addition to “Kasoor” which is out now; I have a couple of singles with DJ Dips coming out next and which we’ve recently completed. Also again with DJ Dips I have my album coming although no dates for the singles or albums have been set yet– listeners won’t be disappointed I hope. All my new tracks are being released by Bal Sohi Productions who I am currently signed to. After the success of my current single, I’m happy to say I’ll be working on writing “Kasoor 2” which will be a collaboration with my main man Aman Hayer of course!

Badal feat. Aman Hayer’s “Kasoor” is out now – buy it here

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