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Insight India with Chakdey.Com – March 2013 Edition

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Insight India is a new project that Chakdey.Com has introduced, to showcase Indian and more specifically Punjab based music, that we feel does not get represented in the UK and North American Asian market. The series will run parallel to our Pakistani Prowess series which again will showcase music from a region with masses of unearthed diamonds!


Insight India is a new project that Chakdey.Com has introduced, to showcase Indian and more specifically Punjab based music, that we feel does not get represented in the UK and North American Asian market. The series will run parallel to our Pakistani Prowess series which again will showcase music from a region with masses of unearthed diamonds. We believe Chakdey.Com is the place to introduce you to and give a spotlight to these many musicians.


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Some names may be familiar to you and others not so much. The editorial will follow simple steps, introducing the track, its availability and an accompanying piece of media (Audio/Video). The Pakistani Prowess series will be launching in the coming weeks so stay tuned to see what you may discover! What are your waiting for? Check out Insight India with Chakdey.Com – March 2013 Edition below!


Guru – Chadd Gayi

Speed Records unveil their latest signing and forthcoming single; Guru is Gurdaspur born vocalist who has recently relocated to Birmingham. He got his big break working alongside UK based R&B artist Arjun on the track ‘Same Girl‘, having starred in the video which has received in excess of 350,000 views to date. Guru has also shared the stage with heavyweight industry icons such as Kailash Kher and Bohemia.

Now Guru is all set to release his debut solo album, with the first track ‘Chadd Gayi‘ being teased on Youtube in the past month. The music has been provided by Muzical Doctorz and has been conceived by the ever present Bunty Bains. Judging by the video itself, this is one track and artist we definitely need to keep our eyes on!


Bai Amarjit – Babe Te Jawani

Bai Amarjit has continuously focused on the reality of issues which effect Punjab through tracks including ‘Maa‘ and the slightly more light hearted ‘College‘ and ‘Rano‘. His unique style of singing shows a throwback to the years of  Muhammad Sadiq and Ustad Kuldip Manak.

His latest video ‘Babe Te Jawani‘ is taken from the album ‘Flashback‘ which was released on Speed Records in February 2013. The track reminisces of the time when our elders also enjoyed their youthful vigour and how that character still blossoms until this very day. Bai Amarjit also pays his own little tribute to the great Yamla Jatt part way through the track with ‘Whisky Di Bottle Wargi‘. Check it out below:

Click Here To Purchase ‘Flashback’ via iTunes


Vipul Mehta – Rowaan Mein

The next artist and track is one that has completely bypassed the UK market, not had any play on UK Asian radio, yet managed to find its way to Nihal’s BBC Radio 1 show! As always Chakdey.Com left no stone unturned in our search for top talent. We showcase to you Vipul Mehta with his debut music video ‘Rowaan Mein‘. Vipul Mehta at the young age of 22 has already shot himself to stardom in India. Born in Amritsar, Punjab he started out learning classical music and made his way on to ‘Voice of India – Season 2‘ in 2008, however missing out on the talent contest by finishing outside of the top 3. In September 2012 he made a return on national television by winning ‘India Idol – Season 6’, with a contract to release his own music album. He has had his heart set on pursuing a career as a playback singer in the Bollywood industry.

With the release of his debut album ‘Hello Namaste Sat Sri Akal‘ out on iTunes, the youngster also dropped his debut music video titled ‘Rowaan Mein‘, a track we feel deserves great attention for its quality in both lyrics and musical composition by Asad Chohan, as does the production via Ali Mustafa.

Click Here To Purchase ‘Rowaan Mein’ via iTunes


Lucky D ft Rupin Kahlon – Pyaar

 Another case of an album that has been neglected by the UK scene due to lack of promotion by Record Labels is Rupin Kahlon’sFolk Addiction 2‘. Now everyone is familar with the anthem ‘Sheran Di Kom‘ which featured Manjit Pappu, any sophomore album by Rupin should have at least had a decent marketing campaign globally. Furthermore he has just come off working with arguably the biggest UK export/import (circle appropriately) in Garry Sandhu. Unfortunately this is the Bhangra scene, so the only trail we have is that it was released on 18th January 2013 via Fresh Media Records.

Now to credit the people behind the album in India, Trendz Music have released a video for one of the tracks from the album titled ‘Pyaar‘. It features the vocalist Lucky D with production from Rupin. I know what you’re going to say, why are Chakdey.Com giving insight into soppy love songs!?!  The sarangi alone captures our reasoning perfectly, this track has feelings behind it that are relayed to the audience with perfection. The video and vocals might not be the greatest we have witnessed in 2013, but the catchy Hip Hop beat grabs our attention just enough.

Click Here To Purchase ‘Folk Addiction 2’ via iTunes


Harbhajan Singh – Ek Suneha

Famed Indian cricketer and spin bowling legend Harbhajan Singh has turned his hands to releasing an emotional poem directed at the Punjabi music industry. This wasn’t one that went straight on; Harbhajan Singh has definitely unleashed a googly in ‘Ek Suneha’. In a bid to confront the senseless music being released, he has registered his protest in the form of a poetic audio message. The mellow background score has been provided by Tejwant Kittu whilst the record has been released on YouTube via Goyal Music. The credits for direction and lyrics have been given to Sanjay Glory.

Harbhajan Singh reveals his feelings on the changing attitudes and culture of Punjabi songs, which have empowered a new generation of spoilt youth who have let their identity perish. The vulgarity is confronted with strong verses criticising the depiction of Punjabi culture in a derogatory manner.

He urges the lyricists and musicians to write songs about the heroes of Punjab like Udham Singh & Bhagat Singh rather than label everyone as college love birds. The deep message asks why Punjabis are portrayed as the hostile type and not as educated members of society. His final request is for songs to be written and sung that give peace to the soul!


Manmohan Waris & Kamal Heer – Raavi Te Jhanah Diyan Chhalla

Our final song is another heart-warming performance which reflects the beauty of Punjab, its culture, its landscape and its people. This track is exactly what Harbhajan Singh above was hinting towards for a positive attitude towards Punjabi’s. The track titled ‘Raavi Te Jhanah Diyan Chhalla’ is taken from a compilation album release titled ‘Nakhra Tera – 2013’, with music produced by Sangtar. The ever present duo Manmohan Waris and Kamal Heer yet again produce a high quality piece, with the lyrics mentioning all the iconic saints and guru’s of the spiritual land.

Click Here To Purchase ‘Raavi Te Jhanah’ via iTunes


What do you think of the tracks featured? Let us know what we should feature in the next issue!


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