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How number 1 only gets you to number 2

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“Please Read our next few tweets carefully & only then Retweet or Join the conversation but something needs to be investigated fully !

Let us apologise but TL takeover is fully justified! @1Moviebox@bbcasiannetwork@TruSkoolUK@officialcharts

The @bbcasiannetwork charts have @TruSkoolUK at number 2, yet for 5 of those 7 days, he was at Number 1 on various digital platforms. “Putt Jattan De” is now at number 2? As a result the song has failed to move to the “A” playlist on the station, @bbcasiannetwork has had DJ’s previously state they will not play “Jatt” songs, 1 DJ even last week asked if songs like this should be banned! So can @bbcasiannetwork. Explain how a song that has outsold other tracks clearly over a 7 day period, lose its Number 1 position? I’m sure @1Moviebox would like to know! This isn’t about a caste song, it’s about popular Folk music not getting the respect it deserves! We wanted the @bbcasiannetwork to be saved!

Now we need to see clarity! Explain this situation, this isn’t fair on the artists or the genre! @bbcasiannetwork please reply!

So how can a song that was No. 1 for 5 out 7 days not be number 1? This in-turn sees the song stay on the “B” playlist!

We are not asking for the @bbcasiannetwork to reply to us,but a statement from them with clarity from @officialcharts would be nice….”


Further investigation shows The Official Charts company have not updated the Asian Chart for 17th August 2013, which they normally do in conjunction with the BBC Asian Network chart every Saturday or Sunday. For clarity the BBC Asian Network Chart is based on official figures provided by The Official Charts Company.

The chart is still shown as 10th August 2013:


19th August 2013 – 12:36: The Official Charts Company updated the chart to 17th August 2013, which now confirms the BBC Asian Network Chart positions.

19th August 2013 13:26: BBC Asian Network A-List Puth Jattan De

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